Warhead Development and Manufacturing

Spectra Technologies Provides Comprehensive Warhead Development Capabilities from Concept to Production


Coupled with 50+ years of Executive Leadership experience in warheads and warhead design, we have established a consortium of  partners to expand our umbrella of capabilities to cover the full range of specialized expertise required to realize new warhead development from start to production. This cooperative, consortium style business model allows Spectra to employ specialized expertise in design, modeling and simulation, precision part manufacture and explosive testing operations only when needed, without the overhead expense burden to maintain and support these capabilities when not in use. Spectra has recruited an “A-Team” of independent warhead design and analysis subject matter experts (SMEs) collectively able to predict and model every effect before building it in our warhead manufacturing facility.

The scope of scientific capabilities includes three-dimensional solids modeling, precision parts manufacturing drawing generation, thermal and structural analysis. Through the consortium partners we are able to offer computational simulation of dynamic events including high-speed penetration and explosive events including shaped charge jet formation and warhead case break-up. We have the ability to incorporate results from these hydrocode simulations and live fire test data to predict warhead lethality effectiveness against ground and air targets.

Our laboratory-scale explosive processing systems enable Spectra to provide rapid prototyping services loading developmental test items quickly and at minimum expense. We have experience processing and loading more than 40 different explosive formulations. So no matter what combination of explosive selection and LAP processing is required, Spectra has the facilities, equipment, procedures and staffing required.

Through our immediate neighbor, National Technical Systems (NTS), we have the ability to conduct all manner of warhead development testing; arena performance testing, insensitive munitions (IM) testing and environmental qualification for explosive ordnance. The NTS Camden test range is located in immediate proximity to the Spectra explosive loading facility such that transfer of test items from our facility to the test range is accomplished without the complication of having to first acquire a Government-issued interim hazard classification (IHC).

Spectra integrates these specialized functions together providing program management, systems engineering, quality assurance (QA), risk management, supply chain management (SCM), and configuration control disciplines. Key to our program integration role is insuring our products are designed for manufacturing (DFM); affordability, producible designs, considering reliability, and variability reduction at the onset of the process. Our program integration operations insures that the program elements provided by our collaboration partners make a perfect fit with the customer’s requirements, resources, schedule and overall program success.

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