Radiographic Imaging and Inspection

Spectra Technologies LLC conducts on-site radiographic inspection in support of our grenade and ammunition assembly operations and our explosive load, assembly and packing (LAP) operations. Spectra Technologies currently performs automated and manual non-destructive radiographic inspection on multiple programs. Our automated image analysis systems provide operator-free detection of assembly fault and out of tolerance conditions in our assembly operations. In our explosive LAP operations, once the units are filled, prior to any further assembly and packing processing, the loaded charges are radiographically inspected using Spectra’s existing 6MeV radiography non-destructive test (NDT) equipment to insure that the explosive cast and curing processes have not left any voids, porosity or cracks in the explosive fill. All digital x-ray images are kept on file with the other quality processing records for each lot delivered.

All personnel operating or calibrating NDT equipment are qualified and certified in accordance with NAS-410*. As a minimum, operating personnel are Level I and calibrating personnel are Level II. Verification and operating procedures are written by personnel certified to Level III.

In addition to automated x-ray inspection, Spectra’s NDT group conducts manual x-ray inspections using a 420KV Pantex and a Varian 6 MeV linear accelerator. The images captured on Phosphor Imaging Plates for computed Radiography are digitized using a Pegasus CR50P Digital Imaging System utilizing G E Rhythm Review software.

*NAS-410, National Aerospace Standard-410, Certification and Qualification of Nondestructive Test Personnel.

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