Quality Assurance

Spectra has implemented a pro-active quality management philosophy based on our experiences and successes. The Quality Management System at Spectra is fully compliant to AS9100 and ISO 9001.

The Quality Planning activity involves identifying completely which quality standards are relevant to the program and provide management of the information needed to assure compliance. The Quality Assurance activity provides planned and systematic activities that are implemented within the quality system to provide confidence that the program satisfies the relevant quality standards. All requirements of the specifications are addressed and evidence of compliance is provided.

The Quality Control activity provides monitoring of specific processes to determine that they comply with quality standards identified in the Quality Plan. Tools used include, but are not limited to Automated Acceptance Inspection Equipment (AAIE), Acceptance Inspection Equipment (AIE), hard gages yielding both variable and attribute results, test fixtures, chemical and physical material analysis, visual examinations, etc. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is utilized at every opportunity with the utilization of both automated and manual data collection and analysis. Parameters for inspection are obtained by specification requirements and MIL-STD-1916 sampling tables. Data is presented by inspection records, test reports and statistical control charts.

As a Small Business concern, we have grown by implementing a strategy focusing on process and process control. Objective evidence is provided by our independent certification to AS9100 and ISO 9001 quality standards. Throughout our history we have successfully challenged ourselves by implementing technologies that resulted in increased quality. The benefit of this focus yields variability reduction in our processes, an increase in product reliability, and reduced costs while raising the bar in our market segment, achieving process controls in Six Sigma (6σ) and eliminating people sensitive errors.


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