International Business

Spectra Technologies, LLC is an active participant in international defense contracting. Our international business strategies lie in two approaches; (1) teaming partnerships with non-US defense contractors seeking a domestic producer of their products for a U.S. DoD customer, and (2) responding to procurement tenders issued by Ministries of Defense of our allied nations. In both of these approaches, Spectra Technologies provides affordable, high-quality ordnance production service. Spectra Technologies conducts all of our international business affairs in compliance with all U.S. Department of State export and ITAR regulations. As a teaming partner with non-US defense contractors, Spectra Technologies offers several unique benefits. Our international business niche is best suited to products incorporating energetic materials (explosives or propellants typically) where our established facilities, equipment, operating procedures, and licensing can be leveraged. In partnering with Spectra, the international partner is not burdened with the significant expense and calendar time required to establish a creditable, U.S.-based manufacturing capability. This is essential in winning U.S. DoD and U.S. Defense System Prime Contractor program opportunities. Spectra is experienced with the process of conducting technology transfer between foreign firms and their government agencies to the U.S. We are experienced in leading the team through the process of DoD weapon system safety approval, energetic material qualification and system qualification. In all cases to-date, we have been able to incorporate product modifications necessary to better suit U.S. DoD requirements. Spectra is willing to invest in new manufacturing equipment and tooling when the business case establishes a suitable return on that investment. Spectra Technologies is expert in the process for obtaining Technical Assistance Agreements (TAAs) and import licenses from the U.S. State Department and compliance with all U.S. laws and regulations. Spectra Technologies also responds to foreign nation procurement tenders for direct commercial sales (DCS) of U.S. military ordnance and ammunition products. In these business opportunities we typically work in coordination with an in-country representative firm to respond to the tender requirements. Spectra is proficient in obtaining U.S. export licenses, obtaining EX number, and managing international shipments of goods.
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