Grenades and Ammunition

Spectra Technologies is a leader in the automated production of ordnance and ammunition where digital vision systems eliminate component defects from escaping our detection to be released to the solider.  Spectra Technologies provides production LAP services to AMTEC Corporation for production of several different configurations of 40mm high-velocity (HV) and low-velocity (LV) grenades. Spectra Technologies also provides ammunition LAP services for other defense prime contractors for direct and indirect fire ammunition. . To-date we have provided on-time production delivery for over 1.2 million M433 40mm grenade cartridges. We also produce the M67 fragmentation hand grenade for the US Army Product Manager for Close Combat Systems (PM-CCS).

Today we use combinations of high-speed, automated filling, assembly and inspection systems along with advanced digital vision and automated image processing to ensure our 40mm products deliver unmatched quality and reliability. We can boast that we have never failed a velocity test for any 40mm product. Spectra has produced in excess of 2.5M primer inspections without a single defect having been realized on our HV system, and less than 1 in a million on the M433 production line. These six sigma processes help to put rounds on target every time.

Spectra’s ammunition production manufacturing innovations include; (1) laser inspections for depth of primers, (2) vacuum scrubbing systems used to remove all FOD realized during the automated insertion of primers, (3) automated propellant loading with 100% weight go/no-go acceptance and recording of values. So, a 100% recording of the weighing and dispensing of the proper propellant loads, inspected, and verification data records retention. Statistical process control (SPC) histograms for the propellant systems are kept continuously current and immediately available for review on the Operator Interface terminal to show compliance with system settings for weight tolerance. Today, our systems load propellant at plus or minus .005 grams for the High Velocity system and at .003 grams for the Low Velocity systems.